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25 best M/M reads of 2014, Part 1 - ebooks

Hooch & Cake - Heidi Cullinan Meatworks - Jordan Castillo Price Seven - Adrienne Wilder Gives Light - Rose Christo The Boy with the Painful Tattoo - Josh Lanyon Assimilation, Love and Other Human Oddities -  Lyn Gala Pet to the Tentacle Monsters! - Lilia Ford Quick Change Artist - C.S. Laurel The Foxhole Court - Nora Sakavic

On another group we were asked to list the 25 best books we read in 2014.  They didn't have to be released in 2014 - just read last year.  Here are mine, divided into three posts for length.


Quicksand and Quick Change Artist by C.S. Laurel

I get such a kick out of this series, which also includes B.Quick.


Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic

This one isn’t flawless, but it has really stuck with me. I have the second and third book in this series and I am waiting to read them until I have a block of time.


Pet to the Tentacle Monsters by Lilia Ford

Nearly PWP yet it does have a compelling framing device.


Gives Light by Rose Christo

Lovely writing.


Assimilation, Love, and Other Human Oddities by Lyn Gala

Love this science fiction series, and especially the world building. One of my top three.


Fair Play by Josh Lanyon

One of those mysteries where the main characters are unraveling a mystery form the past.


Boy With the Painful Tattoo

One of my top three this year. Kit’s development as a character really worked, and the relationship moved in a satisfying direction


SEVEN by Adrienne Wilder

This science fiction romance had a bunch of issues but I ended up liking it a lot anyway.


The Magpie Lord by K.J. Charles

I resist historical M/M romances, but this, Think of England, and the Whybourne and Griffin series are changing my mind.


Think of England by K.J. Charles

One of my top three. I had so much fun reading it, and the sense of place and time was amazing. It felt like reading murder mysteries of the time, but better.


Hooch & Cake by Heidi Cullinan

I am not always crazy about BDSM, but Special Delivery worked so well for me. I really believed the MCs needed and enjoyed their kink, and I wanted them to be happy. This short is about their wedding, which is usually a really bland trope, but this one brought back the feelings from Special Delivery, and made me happy for them in all their kinkiness all over again.


Meatworks by Jordan Castillo Price

A tough read, but so good. I keep thinking about it.