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Devil of Mercy by KouriArashi

Devil of Mercy - KouriArashi

Teen Wolf Fan Fiction


I put off reading this because it includes Stiles being a rent boy and that just doesn't appeal to me at all.  However, I was convinced to read it anyway, and it turns out that occurs before the story begins and Stiles, while damaged and gun shy, is a survivor on a mission.


Peter and Stiles make a great couple in this.  They are both ruthless and devious and very. very determined.  Stiles has strong instincts to protect the weak and save victims.  Peter doesn't, but he has strong instincts to make Stiles happy, and enjoys the plotting and scheming required to accomplish Stiles' plans. They are both brave to the point of insanity, and willing to take on absolutely anyone.


The story is good too - there is suspense and a mystery around what Deucalion is up to and what happened to the Sheriff.