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Love For The Cold-Blooded by Alex Gabriel

Love for the Cold-Blooded: Or: The Part-Time Evil Minion's Guide to Accidentally Dating a Superhero. - Alex Gabriel

I thoroughly enjoyed this super-hero tale.  It was funny and engaging.  Loved how the "villains" called themselves "challengers" and called the heroes "hoagies."  Heh.


The MCs are Pat West, son of challenger Serpentissima, night manager of hoagie Nick aka Silver Paladin's mansion, and urban planning student, is hilarious in his impulsiveness and motormouth-ness. Nick is equally funny in his cluelessness and surprising flexibility. 


The superhero elements were reminiscent of fun stuff in Marvel and DC without feeling too derivative.  Nick has a great suit and lots of money and an amazing lab without feeling at all like Tony Stark. There is hoagie who destroys buildings and property and is super-strong, but he isn't Superman at all.


If the book has a down side, it would be the lack of real conflict and danger.  As a result, Nick and Pat's adventures are fun, but not scary.  The story meanders a bit in the middle.  There is a Big Misunderstanding, but it doesn't drag on too long.


Definitely looking forward to the next one by this author.