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A Seditious Affair by K.J. Charles

A Seditious Affair - K.J. Charles

This is my first five star review in a long time.  Such good writing, characters, plot, everything.  It was a tough read, largely because the suspense was so intense and I was so scared for the main characters. I tend to avoid historicals for the same reason I avoid dystopians - even if the main characters get a happy ending, they are never really safe and people all around them have sucky lives. And I can't say it isn't the case here.  It was just worth it. Now that I am finished I only like it better for what it put me through.



I tend to avoid Regencies (even when I read historicals) because as a longterm Jane Austen fan, the inevitable anachronisms annoy the hell out of me. That didn't happen once here.  This is set just a bit later than JA's novels, and it is in the city instead of JA's usual country (or Bath) so I admit I might not notice errors as much.  


I loved the political background to this story.  I actually would have liked a bit more of it, but I am probably the only person on earth who thinks that, so I am just happy with what I got.  I liked how the views of every character made sense from their position.  From my vantage, of course I like Silas's democratic views.  But in the shadow of the French revolution, Dominic has a point about the bad roads revolutions tend to lead down.


The characters' actions made sense too. Silas, for example, was incredibly foolhardy, but he was exhausted and scared and cold and hungry - even a sober, careful person isn't the most rational under those circumstances (and Silas isn't sober or careful at the best of times).  He held to what he knew to be true - it was wrong that society was set up to benefit only the upper crust and everyone else had to starve and do without justice.  


The audio was really excellent.  The voices and accents really added to the pleasure.