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I am currently reading mostly gay romance, mysteries, science fiction, etc.

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Hi all - I'm new from Goodreads

A couple of things:


(1) I understand that spoiler tags don't come over from GR.  Therefore, be cautious reading any of my reviews until I can turn them into white text. I do a lot of inline spoilers.


(2) What's up with assigning me a bunch of followings?  I kind of get that they want you to have some content right away, but none of those people read the books I read.


(3) I believe my books are still importing in some manner, since I have zero books listed even though mod of them seem to be there on their shelves.  


(4) I followed several people who read M/M.  The search for friends thing didn't turn up much, but hopefully I will find you eventually.  In a non-creeper way, really!


(5) Here is a bush viper for visual interest.