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I am currently reading mostly gay romance, mysteries, science fiction, etc.

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The Soldier's Scoundrel
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Questions as I settle in

I am actually really liking it here. I'm going to personalize it a bunch as soon as my import is complete (don't want to mess with it yet). Some questions in case anyone knows:


(1) Is there a place to request new features?  I realize I have been here for five minutes and should chill out for a bit.  :-) But subcategories in the Explore section would be sooo awesome (Romance -> Gay e.g.)


(2) Can I see a record of my own comments?  I commented on a post so I could find it again and now of course I can't find it.  Shoulda followed that person.


(3) Can I control how much of my followees' content shows up on my dashboard?  I want to follow everyone I know, but that will be a lot of content ...