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Just Desserts by Josh Lanyon

Just Desserts - Josh Lanyon


Broken in body and crippled in spirit, Ridge Baneberry sees death as the only way out. Not his death, of course—the death of his obnoxious cousin, Raleigh, the one who was responsible for the accident. It’s not easy plotting the perfect murder from his wheelchair, but when Raleigh’s body is eventually found, who’s going to suspect a cripple? Ridge might not be able to get around so easily, but if there’s one thing he has, it’s time.

Then a painfully cheerful physical therapist named Tug shows up at his front door with an appointment book and an agenda. Tug’s personality is equal measures of patience, optimism, and warm Georgia sunshine.


My Thoughts:

This is exactly the kind of story I hope to get when I read these Petit Morts. A bit surrealistic and a clash of dark and light. The beginning is all dark and gothic, and then Tug comes in like a ray of sunshine and forces the story into a completely different mood. I liked that Ridges rescue is in part due to his decency in high school - a bit of karma.