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Happily Neverafter by Jordan Castillo Price

Happily Neverafter (Petit Morts) - Jordan Castillo Price


Sweets to the Sweet appears in Athens during a string of riots. Milo Alexakis is a member of the Hellenic Police—and with all the protests and the rioting, he’s ruing the crappy grades and crappier finances that kept him out of university and put him in the daily path of hurled insults, spit wads and cobblestones. American Dave Shaw is ruing the fact that he never managed to learn any Greek before he embarked on the world’s worst vacation, alone.


My thoughts:

In this last set of Petit Morts, I find I enjoy the stories with Chance and Hunter the least. These two aren't likable to me, and they act like emo teenagers rather than beings who have experienced and witnessed as much as they have.

I liked the main romance here, but it was given short shrift in order to apply this Hunter/Chance arc to tie all the stories together. I liked them better when the only thing tying them together were Chance and his chocolates.