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I am currently reading mostly gay romance, mysteries, science fiction, etc.

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Three Fates - Andrew  Grey, Mary Calmes, Amy Lane

"Fate Delivers a Prince "by Andrew Grey: Features a Big Misunderstanding that could have been cleared up with five minutes of conversation. Meh

"Jump "by Mary Calmes: A typical Mary Calmes story - adorable perfect bottom, big gorgeous macho top. Fun if you are in the mood for it. The story was enjoyable, although Cass's premonitions came and went exactly as needed by the plot.

"Believed You Were Lucky "by Amy Lane: The best of the bunch. It really is Thor/Loki fanfiction, as noted by another reviewer. :-) It was a fun story with good characters, and mostly unmarred by the (to me off-putting) angsty mood this author usually has.

Overall: I am glad I got this for free during a Dreamspinner giveaway. I would not have felt it was worth $7. But I had fun reading it.