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A Thread of Deepest Black by Finn Marlowe

A Thread of Deepest Black - Finn Marlowe

(Copied from the Book of the Month discussion at MMR)

I have a little different view of Colton. I think he thought he wanted to die but he was really looking for a way out. He could have died an honorable death at the hands of a werewolf any time simply by not fighting quite as hard. Also, he "jokingly" asks Killian if he can help him find another solution very early on - after the first night if I recall.

I enjoyed Killian's humor quite a bit. There was a bit too much sex for me, but it did add to the story and the characterization, so it was worthwhile. The story was exciting, but maybe a bit sketchy and not well thought out in places. It seems unlikely that

all of the council members would be corrupt,

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for example. And the plan of killing Colton by sending him out hunting way too often wasn't very clever. He could have been a little more careful in his hunts, and/or just not come home until he was rested up. I wasn't clear on why Killian was able to

kill all those shifters at the end - at the beginning he said that he wasn't a match for any shifter. It seemed like there was some kind of gift from La Bella Luna that maybe made him more powerful, but it wasn't well explained.

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So, IMO this story was best in its characterization and story ideas, and weakest in story details.