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I am currently reading mostly gay romance, mysteries, science fiction, etc.

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The Soldier's Scoundrel
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Just One Bite: Volume One - Scarlet Blackwell, J.L. Merrow, Josephine Myles, Erik Orrantia, Nix Winter, Stevie Woods These really are short stories - a few pages each. Good for reading on your phone in line at the post office, rather than being satisfying romances.

Unlikely Vamp - Zachariah is funny as a vampire who is a fussy, shy Victorian gentleman who is too shy to court his food and too polite to kill it.

Sacrifice - this one is a bit melancholy. It is more about Damian's relationship to his parents than what happens with Rafe.

One last wish - Scott meets a genie with a sad past and takes good care of him. Funny and sweet.

Mayan Time - this one I really didn't get.

Fire Can Make it Rain - Red-headed bard Jewls must marry a prince to appease the gods and make it rain. Some good world building and scene setting for such a short story.

The Hunter and the Hunted - this one is longer and more of a romance. Vampire hunter Aaron and vampire Damian work out over a series of meetings whether to kill each other or something else. I found it kind of pedestrian but it would probably be more satisfying to someone wanting a romance.