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Like a Sparrow Through the Heart by Aggy Bird

Like a Sparrow Through the Heart (Like a Sparrow, #1) - Aggy Bird

- Read for a MMR Bingo Challenge - Shifters -

This is a story about shifters: a griffin named Talon and a sparrow named Flit. They are thrown together when Talon hurts Flit semi-accidentally and is forced to take care of him until he is healed.

I graded this on a curve, because it is a free serial, and hence has some of the problems that are almost inevitable with a story posted in installments. For example, there is some mismatch in how Talon's violence is handled. In the beginning, it is treated like it is no big deal, and this works because shifters are part animal, and it makes sense that violence means something different than it does to humans. But then in the middle, Flit is revealed to have an abusive ex-boyfriend, and the violence is treated as it would be for humans - making Talon's previous behavior pretty unforgivable and scary in a potential mate.

Also, there is some drag in the middle. Flit is too clueless, there are too many dates, I wanted the story to get on with it already.

But there were also things I loved. The humor really worked for me, including all the bird puns (finchtoast, etc.). I liked it that Talon and Flit are equally screwed up even though Flit seems so much healthier in the beginning. Flit is almost as incapable of seeing what is in front of him and sustaining a relationship as Talon, even though it is for "altruistic" purposes. Fear of commitment runs deep in our MCs.

Also, the story has some exciting parts where enemies from each MC's past show up to take vengeance. These were well paced and suspenseful.

And finally, Flit is quite swishy, which I always enjoy.