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Edward Unconditionally by Lynn Lorenz

Edward Unconditionally - Lynn Lorenz

- Read for an MMR Bingo Challenge: tearjerker with a happy ending -

I read this book because it reportedly had a flamboyant main character, and I really enjoy those. I wouldn't call it a tear jerker myself. Something sad happens, but it is telegraphed early and makes sense.

This is a pleasant little story with a touch of paranormal

(Edward has the power to heal by touching people)

(show spoiler)

. It is the third in a series, but I didn't feel I had missed anything I needed by skipping the first two. There is no Big Misunderstanding, though there is a fight. It felt necessary to me because Edward needed to stand up for himself and make the title come true. It was funny and the town and the people in it felt real, if a little too cute.

On the down side, the book felt contrived in places. Edward's dog Winston bites Jack at a traffic stop, and apparently the reason for this is to advance the plot, because Winston never shows any sign of being a biter anywhere else. The antagonists - Edward's mother and some local mechanics - seemed amped up for dramatic effect.

This was probably a three star read - pleasant but nothing special - but I gave it an extra half-star because I so enjoyed Edward's swishy ways and both main characters' interaction with Winston.