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Prisoner by Megan Derr

Prisoner (Kria, #1) - Megan Derr

- Read for an MMR Bingo Challenge: Fantasy -

Megan Derr is a good writer. I raced through this story because it was exciting and I want to know what happened next, almost all of the way through. The world with its three societies in conflict was really interesting and the concept of the magic drug arcen was intriguing and scary. Illusor's quandary was riveting, as was their peril after

Beraht breaks their magic, leaving them almost defenseless.

(show spoiler)

But: her editor needed to do a better job. I also skimmed in several places because there was way too much repetition, especially in dialog. The two MC's have essentially the same conversations over and over. I also got tired of the torture and violence, and the yelling, hitting, and arguing on the part of most of the characters.

Plot and world: five stars. Characters and dialog: three stars. Overall: four stars.