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Sagittarius by Pepper Espinoza

Sagittarius: Mr. November [Boys Of The Zodiac] - Pepper Espinoza

The good: - There aren't nearly enough pro football books in this genre! This one really showed and talked about the game a lot, too. Made me excited for football season. Yeah, I'm a football fan, and I am guessing Pepper Espinoza is as well. - Multiracial in a very natural way. It felt like football players would relate to each other like this since they have been playing together forever. I wish they had both guys on the cover. - DeShawn is a high energy, fun guy, and smart and very good at his job too. It is fun seeing him meet and become friends with his childhood hero.

The not so good: - Patton's feelings and attitudes about being injured, past his prime and dumped by his team were probably pretty realistic, but they certainly went on and on. I was 40% into the book before there was any relief from the sulking and emoting and gloom. And he wasn't Mr. Cheerful after that. I wish we had more of DeShawn's POV and less of Patton's. - The oddest epilog I've ever read. The ending is HFN and unsettled, so I was looking forward to the epilog to find out how the gays are doing, and it was some commentary about a game. We learn that DeShawn is still playing and Patton isn't. That's it. Nothing about their relationship at all.

The story is a pretty standard sports-with-romance tale. Whether you like it will depend on whether you like the sport and whether you like the guys. The writing was fine, but I found some of the choices about what to cover in detail and what to skip over with a sentence a bit awkward.