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Hemovore by Jordan Castillo Price

Hemovore - Jordan Castillo Price

I have been putting this off even though I love the author and the psycop books. It sounded too grim, I guess. And there is plenty to satisfy the angst-lovers out there for sure. There are some tough aspects to this world, and they don't go away. But damn it was funny. I'm not an angst lover, but I can put up with a lot if you make me laugh enough.

Mark's voice was a pleasure all the way through. He was so real and endearing - kind of swishy, not young or gorgeous or buffed out, just funny and smart and lovable. He knows himself and his weaknesses, which doesn't always mean he overcomes them. Jonathan is more of a mystery, rather cold and closed-off, though his cat-like ways are intriguing from the start. More is revealed about Jonathan as the story proceeds, and his background explains a lot about the way he is. He is also able to loosen up as some of the reasons for his guilt and standoffishness stop being factors. The interactions between Mark and Jonathan during this part of the book are a lot of fun. I was especially interested in the "patient zero" puzzle and Mark's developing powers.

The plot is, as JCP's always are, exciting, suspenseful, well thought out, etc. But it is the details that made this book so special for me. How couples cope when one of them is V-positive. How institutions are affected. The vampire paintings - all black, unless you are a vampire. The course of the disease. And once Jonathan

develops his mind sensing skills, how everyone around him is reacting to it all.

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