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Conquest - S.J. Frost

I think I need to do the minority report on this one. This review contains spoilers. I will hide the more important ones.

I found this book to be very frustrating. First of all, there were quite a few editing errors. In two places the author managed to say the opposite of what she meant, and there were many mixed and/or clunky metaphors, and lots of repetitive language. The book was too long and the sex scenes were frequent and repetitive.

Second, it is an insta-everything book (sex/love/commitment). Jesse is a virgin, but they have full anal sex the night they meet, several times. They are in love in days and swearing undying commitment within a few more days.

Then the temporary breakup at the end bothered me on several levels. There was the Harlequin trope of one partner breaking up with the other for their own good. Then there was the extreme cluelessness of Jesse in not figuring out what was going on. Jesse knew the studio wanted them to hide the relationship. Evan was still wearing what amounted to an engagement ring, he wasn't eating or sleeping. He was drinking too much. And it never once occurred to Jesse that maybe Evan was doing it for Jesse's sake. And finally, Evan quit singing because he suddenly and brutally broke up with a band member who went on to kill himself. So him suddenly and brutally breaking up with Jesse seemed extremely unlikely.

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