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Other People's Weddings by Josh Lanyon

Other People's Weddings (Petit Morts, #4) - Josh Lanyon

Well written, of course, but to me unfinished. Not just the romance (which was barely begun), but the story and the emotional arc of Griffin. The central mystery was OK, but sort of extraneous.

I was left with many questions and things I didn't quite believe.

Joe and Mallory got married at a registry office? Really? That is so contrary to everything we know about Mallory that I can't really believe it. How did Chance and his chocolates affect what happened in the story? I unmarked this as paranormal because I can't see that they did. Why did three people accuse Griffin of murder? It amped up the suspense and brought Griffin and Hamar together, but it seemed unlikely that they would do something quite so idiotic and pointless. Did Mallory know about Joe and Griffin? If so when? Was that why she fired Griffin? And how did that fiasco affect his business?

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