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Care and Feeding by Shinju Yuri

Care and Feeding - Shinju Yuri

Free read found here: http://s2b2.livejournal.com/20488.html



A hilarious story about a quiet culinary student, Sakito, and the outlandish Hiraku who claims to be a fox and shakes up Sakito's life. Here is a taste of what it is like:

In no particular order, things Hiraku did:
Ate three term projects

Stole and reprogrammed Sakito's cellphone so the first number on the list was his own

Convinced the entirety of the culinary arts department that he was Sakito's boyfriend

Got punched repeatedly by Sakito --
for attempting to stick his tongue down Sakito's throat

for staring at him with unnerving steadiness as Sakito attempted to cook lunch

for attempting to eat five cookies at once and succeeding.

Clung piteously to Sakito until the mean old fifteen year old Pomeranian was led away on his pink-spangled leash, still panting with lack of breath and friendliness. ("But it's a dog," said Hiraku, peering from behind Sakito. "But it's half blind and has no teeth," said Sakito.)

Very nice art as well.