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Bitten by Chris Silver

Bitten (Jack and Jim Series) - Chris Silver


Some men get their teeth into you and never let go, not even when they're dead. Not even when they died years ago. 
Jack Daniels has never been able to forget Jim McBrine. That task is not going to get any easier now that Jim's ghost has come back and asked Jack to go halfway across the world to protect Jim's twin from vampires.



My thoughts:

I bought this book after reading the preview (at the end of the free read "Worth the Price", so it did its job). This writer shows some promise, but the book had two major flaws:

(1) Given the subtitle (Jack and Jim series) I did expect a series, but this read more like a pilot episode. Less "further adventures of" and more half of a story. I am particular irritated by this sort of thing though, usually not starting series until they are done, so I expect most people wouldn't be as bothered. I would like to read the next book, but I would need to know how many books there will be and that the author has a story arc in mind.

(2) This publisher is doing its authors no favors. I see no reason why a Kindle story I paid for doesn't have a table of contents or page numbers. I can add these myself with a free tool (and have done it for friends' freebies) so really, get on it Heart on Heart Press. The copyediting was not great - lots of spellcheck artifacts (where a word is spelled correctly but it is the wrong word). The content editing was better, but I suspect it was more the writer's talent than the publisher's efforts. The covers are amateurish also, and the website seems to be updated once a year whether it needs it or not.

Now the good: I enjoyed the writing. I could visualize the characters, especially Jack Daniels with his bowl cut and his ill-fitting clothes. The scary parts were scary and the characters were distinct. I want to know what happens next.