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They Can't Take That Away From Me by Yamanashi Moe

They Can't Take That Away From Me - Yamanashi Moe


Jake can't remember where he got this CD and it's driving him absolutely crazy. A burnt CD, of course, like most of his music collection, but he doesn't recognize the brand of CD-R. It isn't even really labeled; he just wrote 'Jazz Music' all in caps around the middle at some point.

He's always been kind of a forgetful guy. God knows there are plenty of things about his university life he doesn't remember at all. But this one thing has gotten under his skin for reasons he can't explain. Why is it in his apartment? Who gave it to him?



My thoughts:

This is a free read from the most awesome Shousetsu Bang*Bang, found here:



One of my favorite stories from S2B2. Haunting, a little sad, a little scary, but with an ending that makes it all worth while.