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Reread of the week: Bad Case of Loving You

(I would love to hear about other people's frequent rereads too!)


I am usually reading several books at once - an audiobook, something on my phone, something on my Kindle or iPad (or both) as well as a few free reads on my laptop (Shousetsu Bang*Bang or fanfic mostly).


And usually at least one of things I am reading is a reread.  I adore rereading, and have been known to reread the same book a dozen times or more.  I have a shelf called "Re-rereadable" which pretty much functions as my favorites shelf.  It isn't always the books I have rated the highest, though there is a correlation.  It is the books that make me happy to visit one more time.


This week I am joyfully rereading Bad Case of Loving You by Laney Cairo.


I downloaded this book to my Kindle in December of 2010, so only four months after I started reading M/M (Collision Course by K.A. Mitchell, but that's another story).  I adored the book and (unlike some of my early reads which haven't really stood the test of time) I still love it. Why?  Because it is so very British - the characters live in the National Health Service, and their politics are foreign to me while still making sense in context.  Because I feel like the characters are real people who are carrying on with their lives without the book or me. The things they eat, the way they relate to each other, their friends and colleagues and patients are all genuine.  Because it includes kink

(in particular, fisting)

(show spoiler)

without putting me off, by making me believe the characters love it and revel in it.  Because the female characters (and the old people, and the kids) are fully realized characters too. Because the main characters are perfect for each other without remotely being perfect people or having a perfect relationship.


Yeah; happy sigh ...