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In Sunshine or in Shadow - Short Stories by Josh Lanyon

In Sunshine or in Shadow (Short Stories, Volume 1) - Josh Lanyon

Josh Lanyon is one of the best writers in M/M, but more to the point here, he does the best audiobooks in this genre. I don't see a list of narrators with their stories in this collection, so here it is:

JM Badger: Perfect Day, In a Dark Wood, Other People's Weddings, Critic's Choice

Rob Granniss: A Limited Engagement, Until We Meet Once More, Sort of Stranger Than Fiction

Adam Chase: In Sunshine or in Shadow, In Plain Sight, Just Desserts

Michael Oaks: The French Have a Word For It, Heart Trouble, Slings and Arrows 

All of the narrators are really excellent, but I particularly impressed with Michael Oaks, who captures the intensity and determination of some of Josh's younger protagonists.