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Cost of Repairs by A.M. Arthur

Cost of Repairs - A.M. Arthur

Cost of Repairs was my Amazon Prime borrow for November.  It was fairly engaging and I liked the characters, but a couple of things interfered with my enjoyment.  I wonder if the author is perhaps not an American, because she makes several mistakes that seem typical of a non-American.  I have already returned the book, so I couldn't double check the details below.  From memory:


(1) Few people would accuse this country of having outrageously short prison sentences.  I found it extremely improbable that a gang of people who 

beat a guy to death in his own house would be released after two years.

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(2) Laws vary by state but again, it is very unlikely that 

an accused attacker would not have an automatic no-contact order while the crime is being prosecuted.  Intimidating a witness is itself a crime.

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(3) I have to think the author lives somewhere with universal health coverage, because it turns out that Rey's 

debt from the custody battle amounts to something like $20,000.  He spends several days in the hospital with a coma and has no insurance.  He'd be looking at a $20,000 debt with fond nostalgia after that.  Those medical bills would be an order of magnitude higher.

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I actually liked the story when I wasn't being yanked out of it.  It does pile on the tragedy and the violence, but I didn't feel angsted to death. I might read the next one.