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First You Fall by Scott Sherman

First You Fall: A Kevin Connor Mystery - Scott  Sherman

I got bogged down in this book for a while, but picked it back up and finished it yesterday. 


What I liked:


- It was a fun mystery, and suitably scary (though the final upshot went off the rails a bit)

- Kevin's TSTL moments made sense because he had a good reason not to call the cops

- Some great characters - I especially loved Marc, the geeky friend who never leaves his house (he even orders in sex)

- Michael was scary as hell


What I wasn't crazy about:


- As I said, it bogged down in the middle for me.  Every time Kevin's mom showed up the story came to a screeching halt for me.  I didn't care about her and didn't want to spend time with her.  And the Dottie thing wasn't funny for me - just icky.

- the love interest was bland and boring - Kevin had a lot of intriguing and fun possibilities and he picked the least interesting among them.




I was able to borrow this book from Amazon Prime.  I liked it enough to look for the second one, but it is $9.99.  Way too much.  So I guess I liked this book about $3.99 worth?