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Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet

Hell & High Water (THIRDS Book 1) - Charlie Cochet

(Note: I received this book for free as a prize in the MMR yearly event.)


Sigh.  I had to add a new tag for this one - "sucks at his job".  It is a particular dislike of mine when main characters are incompetent, and especially when they are incompetent at their own jobs.  If I can't respect them, I can't like them, and if I can't like them, much of the enjoyment of the book is lost for me.


There was some fun world building in this one - I like the Therians and the tensions between them and the human populace that simmer beneath the surface.  The way the THIRDS teams divide up their roles is cool.  The bad guy is creepy and has lots of nasty surprises waiting for our heroes.  He would have been easily spotted, if not for the lamentable investigative techniques of the THIRDS, but he does have an escape planned.


But then there are our heroes.


Dex Daley is a detective when the story starts and extremely good at his job with the human police. He took the entrance exams for the THIRDS and passed with flying colors.  According to the story he is an excellent fighter and very good at reading people and figuring out where a group dynamic has gone wrong.  Too bad then, that

he gets beaten up by everyone and his brother and doesn't spot that his boyfriend is unhappy and has one foot out the door and his original partner is casual murderer.

(show spoiler)


Sloane Brodie is a powerful Therian, leader of his team, best fighter in the THIRDS, and an excellent leader. Alas,

he is also blind to the tensions and disfunction within his team, leads them into a situation that he knows from experience  is always dangerous with no apparent plan or backup, and then takes and eats food from a suspect who hates him.

(show spoiler)

I couldn't really get onboard with the budding romance either.  It is unprofessional, and Sloane is clearly not ready for a relationship.  


I also felt that the set up for the rest of the series was a little too in my face.  One character in denial about his attraction to another (both on Sloane's THIRDS team) because he isn't gay!  Ew!  A third and fourth character (THIRDS partners) having some kind of issue in between them that causes them to act like idiots. A mysterious background for Sloane that is constantly hinted at.


I wanted this book to be better than it was.  I hope the rest of the series is better than this one was.